Discovery Call
Discovery Call

Price: Free

Duration: 60 minutes

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Team Member: Karime_Abib Karime Abib

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Qualifications: 24 Year of Experience in Global Companies
6 Sigma Black Belt
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Coach and Certified Group Leader
Lean Manufacturing Expert
Senior Manager and Change Leader
Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Diploma


Would you like to get to know us? Willing to explore discussing your needs and check if we can be of help? Schedule a call with us to explore possibilities with no commitment


This is an exploratory conversation, the more you can tell about you and your needs during it the more we may be able to foresee ways to support you. We will have checked data and information before our call about your industry, sector and any other facts and figures that might be of relevance if we know more about you and your challenges.

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