90Min Prep for a 3Days Comprehensive Project
90Min Prep for a 3Days Comprehensive Project

Team Member: Karime_Abib Karime Abib

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Qualifications: 24 Year of Experience in Global Companies
6 Sigma Black Belt
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Coach and Certified Group Leader
Lean Manufacturing Expert
Senior Manager and Change Leader
Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Diploma


Preparing a project at your company in sustainability or sustainable business, but in need of help?

We can support you with your project or we can actually design it for you.

By booking the 90Min Prep for a 3Days Comprehensive Project you will be committing to 1 consultancy/coaching session of 90 minutes after which you can decide to develop the project with our help. It works the following way:

  1. Book a 1 90' session, in this session we will discuss the consultancy requirements and outputs desired. Our service may stop here or you can also opt for moving forward into steps 2 to 4.
  2. AdvantiKA's experts will work up to a total of the equivalent of 3Days on researching, developing and reporting on the subject requested and on formatting it as a project presentation
  3. AdvantiKA's team and the customer will schedule via e-mail a second 60' session so that the results can be presented to the customer and questions can be clarified.
  4. A short report and any research involved with the work will be sent via email to the customer.

Topics we cover in a 3Days project are generally around to the following ones, but others can be explored:

  • Sustainability Awareness programs: design and implementation plan
  • Initial organisation assessments for sustainability using Future-Fit® Business Benchmarking tools based on The Natural Step framework.
  • Design of possible strategies in sustainability customised to a particular business
  • Materiality analysis for a particular business, area or product
  • Best practices in sustainable business, projects and specifics of each business with implementation plan and tips.
  • Focused sustainable supply chain, supplier management and logistics projects
  • Design and principle for sustainable business models possible to specific industries
  • Focused research on insights regarding customer behaviour on specific points of sustainable offerings and products
  • Specific field report as with some deep technical discussion


The customer shall agree on AdvantiKA's terms of service and privacy policy.

The way to get the most out of our services is providing the best detailed information at booking using our registration form.

Customers can simply use this 90Min consultancy, or take advantage of it for obtaining a more comprehensive answer and report in format of project on the issue discussed, if they agree on pursuing steps 2 to 4.

The total cost of the complete service (steps 1 to 4) is € 5'610 from which the initial €350 will be discounted and the remaining €5'260 will be charged (invoice sent directly via email) in order to start completion of the remaining steps if so desired by the customer. Alternatively the customer may choose to pay 50% at the acceptance of the service and 50% after the completion of the work.

The completion of a second form with details on the requirements of the project, as well as additional information needed as input from the customer may be requested by AdvantiKA's Team.

Specific data or professional research necessary to the support the project will be charged separately, unless data is already available in our library.