First-Complimentary Consultation
First-Complimentary Consultation

Price: Free

Duration: 45 minutes

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Team Member: Karime_Abib Karime Abib

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Qualifications: 24 Year of Experience in Global Companies
6 Sigma Black Belt
Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
Coach and Certified Group Leader
Lean Manufacturing Expert
Senior Manager and Change Leader
Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Diploma


Do you want help to make sustainability happen at your company? Many professionals, managers, directors, C-level executives, board or council members want to know more about sustainability or explore how to work, develop or implement sustainable strategies, policies or programs. Some look to transform their business into environmental and social responsible ones, but they struggle with many relevant questions.

This consultation/coaching session may help you in different ways like:

  • To become more aware of sustainability or of what is involved in the process of designing and operating a sustainable business
  • By enabling you to foresee a starting point that makes sense
  • To get the support or engagement of peers or superiors
  • To start creating a strategy for sustainability fit for your business
  • To obtain professional support without paying expensive values into consultancy
  • To make the work in sustainability by yourself but knowing you are well supported
  • To deal with the whole process without feeling overwhelmed
  • By obtaining simple answer to a specific point, or simple data or recommendations
  • To overcome other specific difficulties

We offer you this complimentary session, so you can explore your doubts. It is also a great opportunity for you to check how AdvantiKA works and get to know us.


We limit the availability of this product as a one-time experience, therefore you must have not used it before.

Topics we cover in this free session are generally limited to the following:

  • What and how sustainability and/or sustainable business mean
  • Overall organisation assessments for sustainability
  • General strategies in sustainability
  • Stakeholders consideration and management
  • Best practices
  • Possibilities in regards sustainable supply chain, supplier management and logistics
  • Advice on ideas and business models
  • Overall insights regarding customer behaviour towards sustainability
  • Possibilities in specific field as without deep technical discussion
  • Opinions and recommendations regarding reporting, auditing, certifications, frameworks, etc.